When Pastors Void the Law and Commandments

5 Pt. Salt

Pastors have forsaken God’s laws and commands, and in fulfillment of His many warnings and promises, He has forsaken America.

As we look around at even professed Christians, we wonder why Christianity does not keep “believers” out of the worse sins of the world: murder, theft, fornication, adultery, sodomy, &c. We see even adulterers and sodomites claiming to be good Christians who are growing in the Lord. Obviously, they are serving the god of their own belly, for it is not the God of Scripture.

We should be very distressed over the lack of the fear of God, as many professed Christians ignore what is required of them, and even militate against the laws of holiness as given in the Commandments.

Jude commands that we contend for the faith as it was once delivered to the Old Testament saints. He warns of the ungodly men who creep in unawares, and…

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